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From storyboard to filming – a complete solution to all your video production requirements

With video and motion graphics now the most accessible element of any website it is only natural that we expanded our digital media department to include video production and filmmaking. What sets us apart from many other video production companies is our creative approach to filmmaking, moving away from the sterile ‘point-and-shoot’ model that so many other businesses offer. Each film should tell a story and be personal to the client or business. We therefore spend time getting to know the client, subject and story before we unpack the camera and this collaboration continues right through until the final edit.

Because the cost of video production has collapsed while the access to the market has increased through smart phones and tablets, a video represents perhaps the best return on investment in a company’s sales and marketing budget.

Please see below a few examples of our latest projects, and don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

Fashion Shoot

The Ear Foundation


Venice Event

National Student Pride 2014

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