Lip Syncing!

By Alex Ryan  -  On 06 Mar, 2014 -  0 comments

With our Spring showcase just a week away (12th March) we ask the question – is lip syncing OK?!

Next week E3 Artists will be showcasing 8 wonderful acts to industry professionals and Brighton glitterati and none of them will be lip syncing. All the acts will sing live, and all the acts will sound AMAZING!

So why can’t our pop stars manage this? Singing is their full time job, and they get paid handsomely for it! Don’t they owe it to us NOT to mime when they perform on TV shows / Awards ceremonies?

The other side of the argument? Artists get ill, they get sore throats/tired voices? Perhaps.. Or do they just need to ensure that they sound record perfect on important performances in order to sell their albums? Is this OK?!

Here at E3 we just don’t know – we understand the need for perfect performance, it’s in our job description and it’s what we strive for as a company and consistently achieve, but to sacrifice ‘live’ for that perfect sound? It’s not something we’ve ever needed to do, and our acts prove this time after time.

Here’s a hilarious lesson in lip syncing from James Corden & Estelle. Who do you think does the better job?

Our showcase will take place at Proud Ballroom, Brighton, on Wednesday 12th March 2014 at 7.30pm. Please contact for further details.