By Alex Ryan  -  On 25 Apr, 2014 -  0 comments

Britain’s Got Talet 2014

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So, first up we have the insanely posh violin-playing girl with an entire heffalump draped across her shoulders. A lovely surprise that the girl could play, but she was so heavily smothered with reverb we couldn’t really hear what she was playing. Our opinion is that she’ll not get any further than the semi’s and has probably got much more important things to do with her life than play violin in night-clubs… like walking her poodles or something.

The magician – Darcy – very impressive, and wonderful stage presence… not sure how long he’ll last when the NSPCA get on to him, dove’s were not built for stuffing into pockets! As long as he can pull something fresh out the hat in the semis (anything other than a rabbit please… although it’ll probably be a dove) then we’ll be seeing him in the final.

James Smith, the young lad with an acoustic guitar, wowed the judges with his rendition of ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone, although it sounded closer to the Muse version in our view. The boy’s certainly got a voice, but will possibly falter under the pressure of the semis. We hope not though as we can see him in high demand after the show ends – and he’s the perfect warm-up act for Lucy Spraggan!


The knife throwing child beggars belief really – not at all the kind of behaviour we should be encouraging. No talent involved really, we’ll not be seeing much more of this one. And what’s with the cowboy costume?

Finally, David Walliams’ use of the ‘Golden Buzzer’ – absolutely genius. David Walliams that is – not the act. We can’t even remember what the act was, nor do we want to. (edit – I’ve been informed that this act is actually on the run from the police. That’s much more like exciting!)

That’s it for week two, our top tip isn’t much of a surprise – Darcy the magician stole the show, closely followed by James Smith. We’re looking forward to both these guys next performances with baited breath.